zondag 28 april 2013

Make mobile payments as seamless, simple and invisible as possible

John Lunn (Paypal) at The Next Web 2013 "Online, people are looking for simplistic, seamless solutions. People want te be fed with what they want, rather than spend hours searching for what they want. Feed your fans with a small amount of desirable, relevant items, rather than huge catalogs with products."

donderdag 25 april 2013

The next generation of gesture control technology

Thalmic Labs is developing the next generation of gesture control technology. Their solution lets you wirelessly control your favourite digital technologies using the electrical activity in your muscles. Imagine wearing one of these armbands (integrated in a watch) and using gestures to control your stereo from across the room or to lock the doors with a motion as you leave the house. Forget touch screens or voice recognition, think muscle movements to wirelessly give your instructions.

woensdag 7 november 2012

What will become the standard metrics of Action Branding; the next-level 'advertising'

Speaking at the Changing Advertising Summit 2012, Cindy Gallop argues that the advertising business has no other choice than to transform from one value network to another. Even the advertising business is in a growth industry....it's just the way of thinking. Do not improve existing value propositions, but define next-level value propositions (and their metrics).

zaterdag 3 november 2012

The relationship between emotions, feelings, mood and behaviour

Antionio Rosa Dam├ísio is a Portuguese behavioral neurologist. His research in neuroscience has shown that emotions play a central role in social cognition and decision-making. His work has had a major influence on current understanding of the neural systems, which underlie memory, language, consciousness Philosopher and scientist Dan Dennett argues that human consciousness and free will are the result of physical processes in the brain. He argues that the brain's computational circuitry fools us into thinking we know more than we do, and that what we call consciousness — isn't. ‘The best reason for believing that robots might some day become conscious is that we human beings are conscious, and we are a sort of robot ourselves.' This mind-shifting perspective on the mind itself has distinguished Dennett's career as a philosopher and cognitive scientist. Dan Dennett is a student of neuroscience, linguistics, artificial intelligence, computer science, and psychology. He's redefining and reforming the role of the philosopher. And while the philosophy community has never quite known what to make of Dennett (he defies easy categorization, and refuses to affiliate himself with accepted schools of thought), his computational approach to understanding the brain has made him the philosopher of choice of the AI community. Get Microsoft Silverlight
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maandag 1 oktober 2012

How to make better decisions

A look into the world of cognitive science; to discover how make decisions and how we might do that better if we understand how the brain works.

zondag 23 september 2012

vrijdag 22 juni 2012

Understanding of people is very different from asking people to fill in a survey

Technology is breeding a new generation of people that are becoming increasingly difficult to attract into the traditional business funnel. Media companies have the last few years learned the hard way what they have to do business in a different way; they have learned that they need to adapt their (combinations of) business models and to deliver real time business processes to enable people to get what they want, on the devices they prefer, in the format thay want to consume it and a price point they'll accept. But the question is how? How should media companies do business tomorrow? Mass social relationships are a relatively new phenomenon and nobody is really sure how to monetise them. Understanding of people is very different from asking people to fill in a survey, or making assumptions about them from their behaviour. This marketing eco system, that's in permanent flux, requires every media company to find the right balance to exploit the present (make money today), but also explore (do things never done before) in order to grab hold of opportunities and have a healthy business tomorrow. * What business are media companies in? * What's the media company's sustainable point-of-differentiation? * Who is the media company competing with? * Who should the media company work with, cooperate with, trust...and who should the media company walk away from? * And finally, where is the money going to come from? Successfull companies have one thing in common, they're clear about three things: 1. Who they are 2. What they are 3. What they do 4. Why it matters It is this total clarity that makes running these successfull companies a breeze (strategy by simple rules) making every day decisions, settling internal arguments, identifying relevant partnerships, allocating resources, deciding on where and how to invest and who to hire. How well media companies in the marketing eco system adapt the learnings about agile thinking and open content to their own business models will be the deciding factor in how the next digital decade plays out for them too.

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Smart m-Commerce by Bol.com

Bol.com, the largest online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, which features books, movies, music, games and more, has placed an enormous amount of its catalogue on Layar. Covers over 25,000 items, the top sellers, are now recognizable by Layar.

So what does this mean? It means when shopping in a store, or when a friend shows you that new book or movie he's obsessed with, Layar can automatically fetch the price and availability of that item from bol.com.

woensdag 13 juni 2012

In the fluid Marketing Eco System tomorrow belongs to the ones who: 1. Ensure 150% clarity 2. Build in flexibility for adaptability 3. Keep learning, keep growing 4. Ignore competition 5. Exploit and explore 6. Unlock extreme value 7. Create an army of fanatics 8. Collaborate!!! 9. Embrace ‘citizentricity’ 10. Work with mavericks 11. Are brave

Content, in the right context, is ultimately king

Effective commercial communication and conversation is no longer about eyeballs and impressions, but instead about premium offerings and meaningful engagement. Storytelling, advertising, and technology are beginning to intersect.
Brands must look beyond traditional marketing and experiment with great (transmedia) stories to connect with people in their channels of relevance (paid, owned, and earned media).
This video explores current state and future of brand stewardship, content marketing and monetization models, and what it takes to engage with connected consumers.

donderdag 31 mei 2012

Dealing with startups' challenges

Mary Meeker's update of Digital Mobile Commerce

In her annual analysis of the big forces at work in the digital mobile commerce industry, Mary Meeker explains the mobile monetization challenge. Key message: Re-Imagination needed of nearly everything.

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